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In this monthly membership program, you will get immediate access to videos, audios, checklists, worksheets, planners, guidebooks, templates, and other valuable resources... PLUS you will receive the following:
  • Private community forum where members can interact with each other AND with Pam's program managers (Pam's team will be participating in the private forum too to help guide you along the way)
  • Branding Accelerator Course (Pam's flagship step-by-step branding & marketing training program consisting of 12 powerful video modules and 4 bonus sessions)
  • All 8 Virtual Media Summit Interview Recordings (Hear directly from TV, radio, and newspaper media experts on exactly what they want from subject matter experts & Speakers)
  • Resource Vault (full of workflows and outlines for platform building, podcasting, publicity, positioning, partnering, and social media)
  • Pam's Weekly Marketing Memos (52 weeks of bite-sized action steps to take each week that will move you forward and get you closer to where you want to be)
  • Live monthly training & Q+A (get direct training from Pam or one of her special guests on these live zoom calls AND get all of your questions answered)
  • Q+A Video Archive (Get access to recordings of live training and Q+A sessions)
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Here's What People Are Saying...
Dr. Venus
Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur
Pam Perry is the truth. Her ability to hone in on the exact thing you need to say, do and have, such that major press picks you up, is priceless.

I was doing a national tour for my best selling book and really wanted to get major media. I wanted to get on platforms so that my work could help more people. Pam took my press release and lovingly redesigned it and literally rebuilt it. She had me include parts of my story that became THE story and that particular press release got more media coverage than in the other press releases I had paid for through another professional.
Michael Wynn
Author, Speaker, Strategist
Pam Perry is a hard worker with a true passion for marketing and social media.

She knows how to effectively convey your message, story, and vision into a superstar brand. Her inspiration is phenomenal, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to enhance and help their brand to stand through marketing and social media.

Dr. Geneva Williams 
Author, Speaker
Pam Perry is a competent, amazing professional. Pam is in the Top 5 of individuals that I've worked with because she is a skilled craft person in The 4Ps.

She has a wonderful ability to activate what individuals need to have done.

I started basically with nothing when I made my transition from my 9-5. After relatively a short period of time, Pam has helped build my brand; develop a podcast with over 100 episodes; tons of speaking engagements; and developed an online course. If her course teaches half of what I've learned, it's worth double the money.

About Dr. Pam Perry
Dr. Pam Perry is an award-winning communications professional. She has been called by Publishers Weekly a "PR Guru" and featured in many major publications, and on more than 100 radio and TV programs. She also has a 30+ year career expertise in marketing, public relations and journalism, and is currently the host of the Get Out There and Get Known Podcast.

After working with Dr. Pam, her clients have been featured on CNN, TBN, The Word Network, Radio One, Oprah Magazine, Tom Joyner Morning Show, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, PBS - and many other major media outlets.

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